The Cowboy Artist

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Letters of C M Russell - Presented by Randy Rieman, Hosted by Joel Nelson

Charles Marion Russell arrived in Montana Territory just four years after Custer’s last stand on the little Big Horn River, and ten years before Sitting Bull’s murder and the massacre at Wounded Knee. The year was 1880 and Charlie was just 16 years old. From his arrival until his death in 1926, Charlie witnessed and participated in the pre-reservation Indian culture, saw the great herds of buffalo, elk and antelope that occupied the untamed grasslands of the west, and immersed himself in the glory days of the open range cowboy. 

Charlie was indeed “The Cowboy Artist”, self-taught and self-educated. He established himself as arguably the greatest western painter and chronicler of the west that was. Over the length of his career, Charlie produced more than 4,000 known works in watercolor, oil, and sculpture, as well as hundreds of beautifully illustrated letters. Randy Rieman, well-known cowboy poet and lifelong cowboy and horseman, will share these insightful and often humorous letters while showcasing the beautiful artwork that accompanied them.

Fredericksburg High School Auditorium
November 8, 2018 ~ 7:00 p.m.
Students free ~ Adults by donation

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